Big is Beautiful

I reached a major milestone this week in the postpartum world, I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes! No more elastic wastebands for me. (Even though they are strangely comfortable). In fact, I was feeling so good about losing more than 45 pounds since the height of my pregnancy that I decided to make my first trip to the regular women's section of Old Navy in more than 11 months.

I was so excited, there were signs all over the store advertising hot summer styles at fifty percent off. I was preparing for tanks, capris, flip flops and fun floral dresses. What did I find? Maternity clothes. That's right, all the fashion-forward styles they are trying to market this summer are big and baggy with an empire waste. For those who haven't had the pleasure of shopping in the maternity section, empire wastes sinch-in below the bust and flow out to cover your stomach. And to top it off, Old Navy even reused the unattractive prints that you could only find in those loathsome maternity sections.

So I need some help, where should I get my new summer fashions? Has anyone seen any great new styles?

But, on a lighter note I did find some cute onesies. Perhaps you reach that milestone as you become a mother, your child's fashion is suddenly more important than your own. Maybe that's why so many moms end up with clothes more than a decade out of style.

A Jogger for the Blogger

Do you ever have one-liner jokes that you find so hilarious that you tell them over and over, hoping that someone will find it as funny as you do? Well, have I got one for you! My husband and I recently used some our Target baby gift cards and purchased a jogging stroller. But for me, it is my walking-briskly stroller. (insert laugh here) Maybe I feel the need to preface the fact that I won't be doing any jogging, because my husband is one of those freaky people that thinks running is actually fun. I'm not kidding, he ran a marathon. Let me tell you, I've watched people go through the experience of a marathon, and not one part of it looks like any fun. I've tried numerous time to try to find the fun in running, and every time I have horrible pains in my side and I can't breathe. So, I would like a pose a question to my limited audience, what is actually fun about jogging?

I would also like to give a shout out (I feel like I'm on TRL... is that show even still on? Did I just date myself? I'm getting old!) to my walking group. I've been walking briskly!

If you would like to buy a walking-briskly stroller of your very own, check out our sweet ride at Baby Trend.

Heidi Klum's Big Secret

I've discovered Heidi Klum's big secret! She can't be breastfeeding and still wearing her Victoria's Secret underwire bras. That's right, you always thought bras were evil, and now I have discovered first hand that they can ruin lives. Well actually they ruined Van's next meal. Apparently, the underwire can put pressure on the milk ducts and cause them to clog. Really, it puts a lot of pressure on a young mom trying to unsuccessfully pump locked in a office at work with only 15 minutes to perform the task at hand. But hey, the girls were beautifully lifted and separated for a day. Now its time to get the Aim 'N Flame and take care of the evil underwire. Go feminists!

No kidding, here is the info:

A Mighty Wind

It's almost midnight. A time a few years ago when I was at the peak of my creativity. A time when I would get in my best hour of studying, finish writing that paper, or even later, work on my feature story for the next issue of the magazine. But now, it's the time when my eight week old son has finally settled down for the night. A time when I should be brushing my teeth, and climbing in to bed for a decent three hours of sleep. But instead, I'm surfing MySpace pages and finally deciding to start my blog. Why? Because I'm not so zen of a momma. I have no definite strategy, no credo of perfect parenting. I'm just trying to strike a balance between my obsessive compulsive, anxiety-ridden tendencies with my nonchalant, hands-off approach to parenting. A combination which should prove to not only be confusing, but also to provide some funny stories perfect for the blogging world. So please check in often to these midnight postings, a perfect time where I will try to make sense of it all during my "mighty wind."

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