Rant Alert: Trista's Post-Pregnancy Bod

I have been fuming about this magazine cover for a week now. Much like Jessica's questioning of Jessica Alba's claim to fame, this cover of US Weekly just has me flabbergasted.

First of all, pregnancy is different for everyone. But there is one truth: it is really hard on your body. And as if women weren't bombarded with enough unrealistic images, the new message for women having babies is that you should be bikini-ready in five months!

And the sad thing is, with all the emphasis on her body, you could actually be missing a genuinely interesting story. Apparently, Trista struggled with infertility and pregnancy complications, something that could help educate readers on very important issues. But instead, you get a bikini thrown in your face and a nice plug for Trista's diaper bag business.

I'm just disgusted.

It's a Boy!

My little, sweet boy is quickly becoming a man. "What," you say, "he is only nine months old!" But alas, he has already started the application process for his "Man Card." He recently discovered that toots are funny. Every time he hears a little thunder down under, he giggles and smiles. His Dad is very proud. I personally blame Cary, just because of all the fun he used to have with the Fart Machine.

On another note, I have lost four pounds since giving up diet and regular soda. It has been so hard, I literally took a minute to sniff Derek's Dr. Pepper at lunch today!

The Rundown

It has been a long time since I blogged! Here is the rundown of all the blog topics and personal anecdotes that I "thought about blogging" since my last post.

  • It takes less than a week to go from a "he's perfectly healthy" diagnosis at a well-baby visit to "he has pink eye, two ear infections, a cold, and the start of a sinus infection."
  • After two infernal weeks of constant "dada" salutations, I was greeted yesterday with a big "momma!" He has yet to say it again...
  • No matter how old (or busy) you get, it is always good to make new friends.
  • One of the hardest parenting lessons to date: You've got to let him fall. No matter how hard it is to watch your awkward, wobbly semi-standing baby, he isn't going to learn if you rush across the room to catch him every time he barely starts swaying. So hard!
  • I'm detoxing from my addiction to Coke/Dr Pepper products, regular and diet. I'm operating on the current mindset that I shouldn't add any unnecessary chemicals to my body. I'm serious, I think about Cokes all the time! They are my cure all. Headache, drink a Coke. Tired, drink a Coke. Bored, drink a Coke. Just like Windex on My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
  • A Baby Story can be so disturbing. Just barely a week after a friend detailed watching a rather shocking water birth (with placenta saving), I watched an episode today where a guy was actually giving his cats a bath. No kidding!
  • HDTV is pretty cool. Our new 52-inch TV is ready for the Super Bowl. Party anyone?

Time to Tune Out

I admit it, I have been a Britney fan for a long time. The mixture of her catchy beats and super-cheesy lyrics always equal a good time for all. In fact, a friend of mine and I used to have some fun with a karaoke marathons of her greatest hits. And despite all her troubles, I tuned into the VMA performance, watched her new video online, and jammed to Gimme More.

So these recent developments have been rather painful. I keep thinking, "It can't get much worse, she'll get back on her feet." But today, I read this story and my hopes are getting really low. Really? Making a public appearance in your old wedding dress, but then you can't show up in court?

It makes me sad. It makes me pray. And even though I have been a fan, I've always been wise enough not to make her a role model. I feel for those who can't distinguish between fame/fortune and integrity/character.

I hope she gets the help she needs. And in the meantime, I'll be searching for another pop tart to add to my new 30 GB iPod. I wonder if Mandy Moore has anything new?

Mama, I'm Coming Home

I am at the airport waiting to come home! The highlight of this years CES show? Panasonic's 150 inch LCD screen, pictured here.

First Mobile Post

I am high tech! This is my first Blogger post from my new smart cell phone... more updates to come from Vegas...

I Love the 80s

My mom, bless her heart, is a pack rat. And as soon as I had Van, my parents started bringing car loads of "my stuff" over to our house. She saved literally every single thing I ever touched. It was cute when it was the baby crib, toy box, and books, but now it has transitioned into toys... lots and lots of toys. Really, you could call it eighties memorabilia. Check it out!

Popples & Wuzzles (selling/going to charity)
Pound Puppy (staying, Cookie belongs to me!)
Troll Collection (definitely going!)
Van checking out My Little Pony carnage (all going)
Fisher-Price Doctor Kit (staying)

I Love the 80s: Part Deux

Little People House & Barn with all the pieces! (staying)
Ah, cars have changed!
Complete set of Teddy Ruxpin books and tapes (going)
I'm pretty sure this is going to be Van's only encounter with a cassette tape!
My "Ankies"--Wouldn't life be better if you could carry around a blanket all the time?

I Love the 80s: Three-peat

When I was a kid, my parents gave me joke books because I was told the one's I made up were not funny.
Ah, Nancy Drew circa 1990
Brownie sash
And my booties, were these ever in style?

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