Yard Work is Tough

Oh, this house. It just keeps giving... giving backbreaking work while sucking every penny out of us. Don't ever get a quote to replace your roof; it's just depressing.

This weekend, we worked on the backyard. Despite my oh-so-positive attitude, Van was a pretty good sport and "helped" us.

Bathroom Renovation: Before & After Pics

Four years after moving in, I'm proud to announce that our master bathroom renovation is complete. What once housed crumbling peach tile, cabinets that opened into lights, four layers of half-painted wallpaper, rusted out pipes, a cramped bathroom stall... is now, well I think, beautiful! Mad props to my husband, who did all the heavy lifting and hard work.


Why our marriage works

Me: I think I've been a bit hormonal lately
Derek: No response. I can tell he is trying to think of something to say while showing no physical reaction to the statement. In the meantime, dead silence.
Derek & Me: Hysterical laughing.

To my poor husband, thanks for putting up with me and for always having the ability to laugh it off.

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