You Know Your Child is Spoiled if...

And this isn't even all of the toys...

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

We Met at Starbucks

For all my Starbucks buddies out there!

Celebrity Encounters

Through work, I have a great email relationship with an advertising production manager that lives in NYC. She is a Weather Channel junky, and always emails when we have severe weather in OKC. I over exaggerate our weather tales, like how we all had to rush to take cover in the bathroom from the tornado! But, leave out the fact that it is company policy and the tornado was over 20 miles away. I even sent her pictures of all the tree carnage from Ice Storm 2007.

But today, she had the story for me. She rode on the elevator with Brad Pitt! Her scoop: he is just "okay" in person. She said he was taller than she thought, but that he was very, very skinny. And again, just described his immaculate beauty as "just okay." This didn't settle well for someone who spent much of her adolescence ogling a Legends of the Fall poster that hung on her closet door. (Oh, Brad's long hair was wonderful.)
This was the poster!

And it reminded me of one of my celebrity encounters: riding on an elevator with Tommy Lee. Let me tell you, if you ever want a reason not to live a rock-and-roll lifestyle, it would be seeing Tommy Lee's face up close and personal. Not pretty! (Which I can't believe is the verdict of Brad Pitt, too)

Other celebrity run-ins include accidentally sitting next to Danny Glover in the OKC airport during a pregnancy hormone rush. I was having a mild heat stroke attack, while he was being bombarded by fans that wanted to kiss him. Can you believe Danny Glover flies Southwest? I also saw Chris O'Donnell while going through customs in Tokyo. Let me tell you, I would pick him over McDreamy any day. Meredith so made the wrong decision.

I also just encountered a breathtaking picture of John Krasinski in the store window of the Gap. It really made me want to buy Gap sweaters, especially if anyone from the cast of the Office came with them! It would sure help ease the pain of the writer's strike. I'm just saying...

Oklahoma Ice Storm 2007

So we all love Nate the Weather Man. In fact, I've even created a small loyal following for his NateCasts with people at my work. Well apparently, I should have listened more closely to Nate's multi-email warnings of an approaching ice storm. (I did make him personally in charge of the safety of my son for all weather emergencies!). But at the back of my mind, I thought this ice storm was going to be similar to other weather occurrences in the OKC media... over-hyped and underwhelming. I guess I was wrong.

As I sit here typing my blog entry in my humble Village abode, I continue to hear "pops" of tree limbs falling and see flickering lights reminding me of my fragile electrical status. Hopefully it won't get much worse!

Thick Ice
Goodbye bush/shrub/tree in the front yard
My poor neighbor's tree
You'll Shoot Your Eye Out
(A Christmas Story reference for the holiday season)
Crazy amount of ice

What Hurts the Most

My wish, for me, is that they stop playing Rascal Flatts on KISS FM!

Yes, I've created new lyrics to Rascal Flatts "My Wish," because do you know what really hurts me the most? The sound of the horrible, nasal voice of the lead singer of Rascal Flatts. I know, I can hear all your gasping in horror that I actually articulated that I can't stand the country crooning of the Kermit-inspired singer of Rascal Flatts. But if I wanted to listen to country music, I would actually tune in to the country music station. I also know that I am supposed to have Sooner state pride for the success of Rascal Flatts (with guitarist being an Oklahoma native), but their oft-overplayed songs on OKC's pop station have me tuning out of Drew and Kaci and seeking refuge in my sans-country iPod music library.

I predict that this could be my most controversial posting to date (and I even talked about breast pumping!). But really guys, doesn't his voice have a wee bit of fingernails-on-a-chalkboard vibe to you too? Be honest...

To soften the blow of my "ultra-revealing" post, I decided to add a cute picture of the baby!

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