TV Dinner: My Smorgasbord

Jessica and Pam are listing their favorite TV shows, so I had to add mine! The DVR will be my good friend; Van is the new object of my affection!

Grey's Anatomy
House (Derek and I have never missed an episode since it started)
My Name is Earl
The Office
Project Runway
CSI (I've dropped Miami & NY as an effort to pair down)
Desperate Housewives
Deadliest Catch
Notes from the Underbelly (is that coming back?)

My only summer show: Big Love. (A very guilty pleasure)

A Mighty Read

First of all, if you don't belong to a book club, join one now! Starting my book club has been one of the most rewarding things I've done in my adult life. Especially as a new mom, it is great to have an excuse to first have some alone time reading, and then some fun time gabbing with girlfriends.

I just finished our latest book, A Mighty Heart. (Two days before we meet, it could be a new record!) You know what the book reminds you, terrorism is bad. I can't stop thinking about it. But, probably more poignant than the story itself, are all the published letters of support that were sent to Mariane Pearl. There are letters from people of all countries, religions, and walks of life, even a group of employees from a Wal-Mart in Illinois. The letters remind you that there are way more people in the world think terrorism is bad than good. It reminds me that in life, good will ultimately prevail.

Mac or PC for me?

I am in desperate need of a laptop. Not only do I have a prosperous freelance business (thanks Oklahoma Today peeps), but I also need to wirelessly surf the net from any point in my house. With a baby, you must be ultra mobile!

So here is my dilemma, I really want a MacBook Pro but I'm going to need Office and some design programs, which skyrockets the price tag. (I am a journalist/publicist/advertiser/marketer and that makes me obligated to tell you that Macs are by far the best computers on the market. They are, trust me.) But in less time, I can get a perfectly fine chocolate brown Dell for less money with the appropriate programs. And, the chocolate brown color is very cute!

I have been daydreaming about my laptop all day, does that make me weird?

If the glove doesn't fit...

You must acquit! My husband is a free man!

For the complete story, including a hair raising tale including a wasp, please visit his blog.

Bandwagon Boy

My husband started his own blog! Jessica, you have us all totally addicted!

Not So Zen Tidbit #1

Crib sheets are impossible to change.

Derek and I have tried every way to quickly and easily change the sheets in Van's bed. The most efficient method to date: pull the crib from the wall, remove the bumper (not so easy with the 16+ ties), lower the front of the crib, remove the mattress, put the crib sheet on the mattress, try to lower the mattress back into into the crib, readjust the edges of the sheet that came undone, reattach the bumper (with all 16+ ties), and push crib back to place!

Zen Momma solution: Place water resistant pad under baby and change when needed!

Awww... baby pictures

Arrested Development... Development

My husband has creative friends; Here is his new softball jersey.

Reverse Psychology

My birthday, July 2, actually marks the exact middle day of the year. I was pondering life--which I have the horrible tendency to do while I'm trying to go to sleep--and realized that it was the perfect day to have a Reverse New Year's Resolution. That's right, I'm declaring a new day in the year to make goals that you may-or-may-not keep. My goal: to stay on WeightWatchers and lose 45 pounds by New Years.

My original New Years goal: mail out thank you cards on time. Hmmm, has anyone received a thank you card? No, you haven't. I am a terrible, terrible person. My baby is actually 12 weeks old! If you read this and you haven't gotten a thank you card, please shame me. That's right, you have a free pass to give me a hard time until I get you one!

Arrested Development

My husband was arrested and all I got was this lousy mug shot! Wait, I didn't even get a mug shot. That's right, my husband was arrested this weekend. Like his distant cousin Paris Hilton, Derek was was driving with a revoked license. Apparently more than two years ago, he was given a $20 seat belt violation ticket that never received a payment. We are currently in negotiations with the District Attorney of Canadian County over payment arrangements. I never thought I would have to actually hire an attorney, but shout out to our attorney Jeremy Looper. It is so great to have a lot of friends!

I am currently compiling a list of one-liners to throw Derek's way. The list includes:

"Look at those cars baby, daddy can't drive them."
"Would you like to play handcuff daddy like the police officer?"
"I don't know if I want my baby playing with criminals."
"Click it or ticket"

On a fun note, in my research I uncovered a great internet postcard on the My Name is Earl website. You can upload a picture and serve time with Earl! Perhaps we should all send one of ourselves to Derek to make him feel better? In my expert opinion, My Name is Earl is the funniest show on television. It beats the Office, but just barely!

And here is the funniest clip of My Name is Earl. It is worth the seven minutes of viewing time!

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