West's Birth Story

It may be a cliche, but I went to labor during a full moon. Well, in as much labor as someone that has to have a c-section can go into...

March 30, 2010 - I had the day off due to several pregnancy hormone attributed crying spells... at work. Let's just say, I'm a mess from week 35 on.

I had great nesting day. It included lunch at Nunu's Mediterranean Cafe, leisurely shopping at Barnes & Noble, and picking up groceries at Crest. I was having a rough time at Crest - with hot spells and Braxton Hicks - but I soldiered on.

That night, we had a family dinner and afterward we decorated Easter Eggs. This is my last picture with only one son.

After the decorating, I was noticing my Braxton Hicks contractions weren't going away. So after Van went to bed, I started tracking them. And tracking them. And tracking them. Yup, I was having contractions every three to five minutes. Was I in labor? Derek and I questioned this until around 4:30 AM when we decided to go get it checked out at the hospital. So, we called Derek's parents and met Bill at the Lighthouse to drop off Van. Bye baby.

Because it was so early, we had to check in with the Emergency Room admin. They were astonished to have another preggo. Full moon.

The triage nurse hooked me up to monitors and performed an exam - no dilation. Time to wait, for an hour to be exact. Again, the contractions were coming at a regular rate. But another exam revealed no dilation. Derek and I felt they were going to send me home. So, we just decided to rest and try to take a nap.

Our nap time was interrupted by a new nurse with a blood kit.

New Nurse: Didn't your nurse tell you?
Us: Tell us what?
New Nurse: Your doctor called. He's going to be here for the c-section in 15 minutes. They are prepping the OR.

No one knew we were at the hospital but Derek's parents! The camera was still in the car! Complete panic!

Derek rushed to get the camera and call relatives. In the meantime, a team of nurses took my blood, pushed paperwork in my face, and made me take mysterious medicines. At one point, I was signing papers with one arm while another nurse had the other to take my blood. I kept looking at the clock - 15 minutes and where is my husband? My family? I eeked out one text message to my bosses, "Having a baby in 15 minutes."

Then Derek came back in, out of breath and with a camera. He had enough time to help me calm down - my heart rate was racing and I had so much anxiety that I was requesting some kind of sedative (which they didn't give me).

Off to the OR we went. Last time, I passed by our friends and family, who were eagerly waiting the outcome. This time, I was wheeled through a quiet hospital just trying to start up for the day.

The OR experience is hazy. I had an epidural. They moved me to the table. Derek came in. The anesthesiologist talked about the Lexus she won in a raffle. The doctors talked about Thunder basketball.

And here he is! West Rufus Fred Adcox - weighing in at 6 lbs 12 oz and 20 inches long, born at 6:33 AM. He looks like his brother... with dark hair.

I cried the first time I saw him. Happy and healthy. Perfect.



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